St Augustine Custom House Plans for New Builds, Additions and Remodels

Turn Your Ideas into a Quality Custom-Designed House Plan

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Designing and building your own house starts with a vision. Your vision. Whether you’re starting from scratch, planning an addition to your existing home, or embarking on a radical remodeling project, I can help you turn your ideas into reality by creating a quality house plan.

My job as a house designer is to create a house plan that mirrors exactly what you want in your dream home and—just as importantly—will be accepted by any reputable engineer or builder.

Don’t go on wondering if you could have the house of your dreams. Give me a call to discuss your ideas or schedule a phone consultation. That’s all it takes to discover how achievable a custom house plan is.

Tom McConnell
McConnell Custom Design

An Experienced St Augustine House Designer with Excellent Local Knowledge

Every building project needs a house plan. This set of construction drawings lays down precisely your design intent. Design drawings include floor plans, room dimensions, exterior elevations, notes and, if required, sections, plumbing and electrical schematics.

I’ve been drafting plans for single-family homes since 1994. What’s more, I’m completely familiar with the building and design issues specific to the First Coast. This knowledge is vital if you want to avoid common pitfalls in construction projects.

As your custom home designer, I’ll:

  • listen carefully to your ideas and priorities in an initial meeting, and explain St Johns county planning, zoning & building processes, including permits & fees
  • take your initial sketch and using computer-aided design (CAD), produce a conceptual design that maximizes space, and doesn’t exceed your total square footage or budget
  • review the concept with you and adjust it until you’re happy all your priorities have been achieved
  • produce a quality house plan that follows generally accepted architectural practices and meets safety and building standard
  • provide a digital file of your plan for sharing, and coordinate with licensed engineers and contractors to get your house plan approved

Whether your dream home is under 1,800 ft2, over 10,000 ft2, or any size in between, your very own customized house plan is within your reach… and surprisingly affordable.

30 Years Designing Family Homes

Over 2000 House Plans Drafted

What’s Your Building Project?

New Build Home
Building a new home from scratch? Need a house plan that meets exactly your family’s lifestyle needs? Discover the steps involved in building your own home.

Home Addition or Remodel
Want to transform your ranch style into a two-story home? Fancy a bonus room, sunroom or garage? Learn more about what’s required before you start designing.

The Hidden Cost of Stock House Plans

Residential building projects cost a lot of money, and naturally you have a budget. So, it’s tempting to think that buying a stock house plan online will save you some dollars up front. However, here in St Augustine and St Johns County, stock plans aren’t usually given building permits unless reworked by designer and stamped by a licensed architect or engineer.

These additional steps cost money and can lead to frustrating delays. More importantly, they may result in the dreadful realization that your stock plan is not fit for purpose. Then it’s back to the drawing board—literally. You’ll have to spend many more hours trying to find another stock plan that never quite matches your vision.

Here’s a better solution: save yourself time, money and hassle with a custom-designed house plan. Whatever your architectural style—from Craftsman or Colonial to Farmhouse or Southern—I’ll make sure your plan complies with all the county’s building codes and engineers’ requirements first time round.

What Customers Are Saying…

“Working with Tom of McConnell Custom Design was a great experience for us. His attention to detail helped us plan a major renovation of our home, and he was very timely in turning around plan updates.” Christopher P.

“Tom and his team did a great job on our custom house plans. He met with us, listened to what we wanted in our custom home, and then executed our dream with precision. He also worked with our builder to foresee every potential issue.” Name X.

“McConnell Custom Design is an absolute pleasure to work with. Tom was able to see our vision and put it to paper. He nailed it.” Billy T.

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Intrigued about having a house designer create your very own house plan? Contact me today. I’ll explain the process, the costs involved, and what you can do now to kick-start your building project.