Excluded Portions of Structures from St Johns County Land Development Code

Important Note:

You will need to call the correct building department to find out all the restrictions for your specific lot.

Excluded Portions of Structures provided herein, the height limitations of this Code shall not apply to the following:

(a) any usable or habitable roof area or any roof Structures such as housing elevators,
stairways, tanks, ventilating fans, solar energy collectors, or similar equipment required
to operate and maintain the Building, provided the following are met:

  1. the combination of usable or habitable roof area and such roof Structures shall not
    cover more than twenty percent (20%) of roof area;
  2. walls, parapet walls, guard railings surrounding the area or structures may not extend
    more than five (5) feet above the roof; and,
  3. roof structures may not extend over ten (10) feet in height above the roof.

(b) Church spires, steeples, belfries, cupolas, domes, monuments, or similar non-habitable
architectural features;

(c) Water towers, skylights, flag poles, vents, Construction or mining cranes or draglines, or
similar Structures;

(d) Firewalls or parapet walls along the perimeter of the roof of all non single-family
structures, provided such walls do not exceed five (5) feet above the roof.

Building Departments

The client is responsible for acquiring property restrictions from the proper building department.
Please make sure you call the correct department for your building site location.