Guest House or Guest Quarters or Guest Cottage

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After You Check With Building Departments

Building Departments

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Guest House, Guest Quarters or Guest Cottage

Guest House or Guest Quarters or Guest Cottage, provided the Structure is a unit in a Building separate from and Accessory in Use and size to the main residential Building on a Lot, intended and used only for intermittent or temporary occupancy by a non-paying guest or family member.
A Guest House may contain limited kitchen facilities such as microwave oven, bar sink, less than 10 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer, provided the unit is not occupied by the same tenant in excess of thirty (30) days within the same calendar year, and the unit shall not be rented.
A Guest House shall not be considered a separate Dwelling Unit provided such conditions are met. A Guest House shall also meet the same required yards as the principal Building or Structure.

Building Departments

The client is responsible for acquiring property restrictions from the proper building department.
Please make sure you call the correct department for your building site location.