Fees for Custom House Plans

How Much Does a Custom House Plan Cost?

The cost of drafting a custom house plan depends on several factors. Is the design for a new build or an addition or remodel, for example? Complex or highly detailed designs naturally require additional work. If the property is situated seaward of a coastal construction line or in a flood zone, preliminary work such as consulting with a structural engineer and zoning and building departments will be necessary.

At McConnell Custom Design, fees for custom house plans fall into two main categories: by the square foot and by the hour. New home builds are charged by the square foot, while additions, remodels and major changes are charged by the hour.
The design set (which includes floor plans and exterior elevations) is delivered to you as a large-format PDF file. Each design plan includes a preliminary mark-up (first review by the customer), two additional mark-ups and a final mark-up.

Guide to Custom House Plan Fees

To get a good idea of what your residential architectural plan would cost, check out House Plan Pricing or simply give me a call on (904) 794-4500. I’ll be happy to discuss your ideas with you and then give you a free estimate.

Not sure if a custom-designed house plan is right for you? Discover the difference between custom and stock house plans and learn how choosing the right option could save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.