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St. Augustine Pricing

Rates are subject to change

New Homes Plans by the Square Foot (S.F.)

New Home Design Plans charged by the square foot include pdf files of floor plans, exterior elevations, notes and schedules. The design set includes a preliminary (first) mark-up, two additional markups and final. Changes made after the final draft are charged by the hour.
Fees for Custom House Plans

  • $0.50 S.F. – One story main floor on grade
  • $0.65 S.F. – Two and three story main floor on grade
  • $0.10 S.F. – Raised slab foundation with three or more risers
  • $0.20 S.F. – Elevated main floor system
  • $0.10 S.F. – Electrical plans (required by some building dept.)
  • 50% retainer to start and any unpaid balance from preliminary work
  • 25% due upon receipt of preliminary set (first mark-up)
  • Final set produced if any mark-up is not returned within 60 days
  • Final balance due upon receipt of final set
  • Square foot jobs are priced by all areas to be built and the final balance is calculated by the maximum square footage drawn
  • CAD files provided, upon request, after final payment is received
  • Preliminary hourly work may be required without an initial sketch similar to or better than the New Home Sketch Example
  • Without a proper initial sketch or preliminary work, hourly charges may apply when changing the exterior shape.

New Homes Plans Hourly Work

  • Homes less than 1,000 S.F. are billed by the hour ($500 minimum)
  • Site plans may be required by your Architectural Review Board (ARB) or others and are billed by the hour. You will need to provide a CAD survey (by others)
  • Plumbing riser diagrams may be required by the City of St. Augustine and are billed by the hour
  • Structural engineer’s sections supersede design sections and are not normally required in design set; however, they may be required for complicated homes or by ARB
  • Highly detailed homes may require additional work by the hour
  • Jobs seaward of the coastal construction line or in certain flood zones require preliminary work including consulting with a structural engineer, zoning and building departments for limitations and restrictions

Additions Plans, Remodels Plans, As-Builts Plans, General Drafting and Hourly Work

  • Additions Plans, Remodels Plans and As-Builts Plans (no firm price, $500 minimum)
  • General Drafting and Hourly Work are billed by the hour (no firm price)
  • Retainer required to start job (50% of estimated hours)
  • Additional payments due upon receipt of invoice
  • Hourly rate is $65

Additional Terms

  • All Payments are Due Upon Receipt (no terms)
  • Payment is due within three business days of receiving invoice(s) (five business days if out of state)
  • Owner/Client takes full responsibility for obtaining and maintaining required permission for altering or copying protected materials provided to McConnell Custom Design.
  • Engineering by others
  • Rates are subject to change on new jobs
  • The owner/client agrees to pay a service charge of 1.5% on past due amount per month (or the maximum allowable by law, whichever is greater). If it is necessary to place the account with an attorney for collection, McConnell Custom Design is entitled to recover all attorney fees, court cost and current hourly rate for all time collecting outstanding monies owed.

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