House Plan Design Questions and Features

Features to Consider When Building a New Home

If you hire me to be your house designer, you’ll be invited to an initial meeting to discuss your floor plan sketch in more detail. During this meeting, I’ll ask you about the various features of your dream home. For example, what sort of exterior do you want (stucco, siding or brick) and what sort of roof material (shingles, metal or tile)?

You may not have all the answers at this stage. Don’t worry. I’ll help you find the answers. That’s part of my job. Of course, you need to be clear in your own mind what style of house you want. You also need to do a little groundwork first, like confirming with the building department of St Johns County, Florida, if there are any easements or setbacks on the lot or if your house in an architecturally restricted area.

To help you prepare for this meeting, I’ve drawn up a questionnaire you can fill out and complete to the best of your ability.

Once all these questions have been answered, I can begin work on the architectural blueprint. If you need help filling out the form, just email me or call me on (904) 794-4500.