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A few words from Tom McConnellHi, I’m Tom McConnell, and I’ve helped hundreds of clients over the years get the home of their dreams. And now I can help you. How? By designing a house that reflects your vision and fits your lifestyle.

Custom House Plans: The Only Way to Design Your Dream Home
Forget stock plans. All my house plans are concise and customizable. It’s why local engineers, contractors and building departments are always happy to use them.

Is a Custom House Plan Right for You?

You can find out easily by asking me. Just enter your details below, and I’ll call you back promptly for a free, unbiased 10-minute consultation:

  • You can tell me the ideas you have for your new or existing home
  • You’ll learn what’s involved in the design process
  • You’ll get a best estimate of the overall cost
  • You’ll be advised if a custom house plan is the right choice for you

If you decide you’d like to work with me, we can schedule a phone consultation. If not, no hard feelings. No obligation comes with this call, only an opportunity to learn more about custom home design process.

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“I never worked with Tom “in person”, instead, we worked together over the phone line, from 270 miles away. I presented Tom with emailed house “sketches”, and asked if he could put together the formal Elevation plans. Within a couple of weeks, the plans were completed, and ready for the local approval process. Tom also formatted the plans to the required PDF files for the Structural Engineering firm. The house was built and completed in March 2018. There was never a correction required to any of Tom’s planned dimensions. The house was built without a hitch. It was a perfect plan. We are very happy living in our new custom designed house. THANKS, Tom, for all your competence, hard work, and assistance.”

Dennis Oley, a happy client of McConnell Custom Design