Remodel or Addition Design Plans for St Johns County

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PDF and CAD Files Included


Estimating Design Drawings

I look forward to working with you on your addition or remodel design drawings.

Design Cost

  • The average design drawings cost for a small addition or remodel is between $1500 to $4000
  • Multi story, large homes, elevated homes or multiple design changes will cost more
  • Addition or remodel design drawings are billed by the hour
  • All hours for addition or remodel design drawings are billable

Lot Information

The footprint is the exterior structure at ground level (ex. walls or posts that hold up a roof). If you are increasing the footprint of home and your lot is less than an acre I will need:

Site Visit

  • After form and lot review I will send you a schedule for a Site Visit if the job seems feasible
  • It usually takes one or more hours to discuss your requirements and measure existing
  • If you have design ideas, existing plans or surveys, please have them available for review
  • $200 Non Refundable Site Visit Fee is required prior to visit for new customers (applied to total if you continue job)

Homes Less Than Tens Years Old

  • St Johns County may have a pdf of existing plans
  • This can eliminate a site visit
  • You will get these after retainer is received


  • After all the above I will email you an estimate of high/low hours
  • If estimate is satisfactory I will request a retainer to continue job
Process For Estimating Jobs *
$200 Non Refundable Site Visit Fee *


Terms and Rates

Design Plans include:


  • 50% retainer to start (estimated average hours)
  • Expect multiple invoices throughout the job
  • All hours are billable
  • "Preliminary" removed and CAD files provided after final payment is received

Hourly Rate

  • Hourly rate $100

Minimum Job

  • Minimum job price $1000

Site Visit Fee

  • $200 Non Refundable Site Visit Fee is required prior to visit for new customers (applied to total if you continue job)


  • McConnell Custom Design does the Design Drawings
  • A Structural Engineer does the Structural Drawings
  • A Truss Manufacturer does the Truss Drawings
  • They are all separate companies and are all required to get a permit
  • If this is confusing, please see the Design Build Process

Non St Johns County Jobs

  • The City of St. Augustine and a few other jurisdictions may require plumbing riser diagrams and electrical plans. Additional cost apply

Site Plans

  • Simple Site Plans are billed by the hour to determine if your house will fit on a small lot
  • Permit Site Plans are billed by the hour
  • Limits of fill and finished floor elevation by others
  • For all Site Plans you will need to provide me with the AutoCAD file of your property from surveyor
  • I do NOT do Site Plans for properties with Wetlands

Additional Terms

  • All Payments are Due Upon Receipt (no terms)
  • Payment is due within three business days of receiving invoice (five business days if out of state)
  • Retainer may be refunded minus $400 within three days of receipt of retainer. No other refunds.
  • The use of copyrighted material without permission is punishable by law. Client assumes all responsibility, liability and damages that may occur by providing sketches, plans, pictures, ideas, material or communications to Tom McConnell of McConnell Custom Design. It is the clients responsibility to obtain and secure permission for modifying, copying, transferring or altering in any way protected intellectual property provided to Tom McConnell of McConnell Custom Design.
  • Client agrees they are hiring Tom McConnell of McConnell Custom Design to provide graphic design drawings. Client assumes all responsibility, liability and damages that may occur from the use of graphic design drawings.
  • Rates are subject to change
  • The owner/client agrees to pay a service charge of 2.5% on past due amount per month (or the maximum allowable by law, whichever is greater). If it is necessary to place the account with an attorney for collection, McConnell Custom Design is entitled to recover all attorney fees, court cost and current hourly rate for all time collecting outstanding monies owed.
Terms and Rates *



Please read if you are Building Your Own Home

Who will be pulling permits for this project? *
Home Owner Build (link above) *



Property Questions

It is the clients responsibility obtain the answers for the following questions.
Explanations and help for this section can be found here:
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Wetlands on Lot *
Utility or other easements on Lot *
Lot Slope *
Coastal Construction *
Seaward of the Coastal Construction Line (CCL)

Jobs seaward of the coastal construction line or in certain flood zones require preliminary work including consulting with a structural engineer, zoning and building departments for limitations and restrictions at my hourly rate.

Flood areas have additional cost *
ARB or HOA *
Architectural Review Board or Home Owners Association
Lot Elevation *
Home Water Supply *
Home Sewer System *
Do You Have a Survey *
Lot Size (accuracy is very important) *
The following information is required to estimate job *
Building Setbacks *
Setbacks are Measured to *
Maximum Lot Coverage by Buildings *
Impervious Surface Area *



Design Questions

Your Design Ideas *
Graphic ideas may have to be submitted at some point *
Remodel, Addition or Both *
Stories on Existing Structure *
Stories on Proposed Structure *
Could an aluminum screen porch take care of your needs? *
I do not do aluminum screen porch design. *



Your Information

Preferred contact method *
How did you hear about me? *

Billing Address

Job Site Property

Who owns the Job Site property? *
Is job site address same as billing *



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