New Home Design Questions


New Home Design Questions

Welcome To The Design Process

Hi, I’m Tom McConnell, and I’ve helped thousands of clients over the past 30 years design the home of their dreams.

House Plans for Additions, Remodels or Renovations


Number of Stories *

In St Johns County the maximum building height of 35' can limit ceiling heights for three story homes

1st FL - Floor System *
2nd FL - Floor System *
3rd FL - Floor System *
1st FL - Walls *
2nd FL - Walls *
3rd FL - Walls *
1st FL - Ceiling Height *
2nd FL - Ceiling Height *
3rd FL - Ceiling Height *
Exterior Finishes *
First Floor Height Above Ground *
Garage *
Roof Material *
Roof Pitch *
Roof Overhang *



Property Questions

It is the clients responsibility obtain the answers for the following questions.
Explanations and help for this section can be found here:
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Is building site property in St Johns County *
I am familiar with St Johns County. Projects outside of St Johns County may require additional hourly work. *
Lot elevation *
Coastal Construction or Flood Zone (low area that floods) *
Seaward of the Coastal Construction Line (CCL)
Flood areas have additional cost. Jobs seaward of the coastal construction line or in certain flood zones require preliminary work including consulting with a structural engineer, zoning and building departments for limitations and restrictions at my hourly rate. *
Wetlands on property *
Lot slope *
Do you have a survey *
Do you know your setbacks *
Setbacks are measured to *
Do you know your lot coverage restrictions *
Maximum lot coverage by buildings *
Impervious surface area *
Utility or other easements on Lot *
ARB or HOA *
Architectural Review Board or Home Owners Association
Home water supply *
Home sewer system *



Please read if you are Building Your Own Home

Who will be pulling permits for this project? *
Home Owner Build (link above) *



Process For Estimating Jobs

Sketch and ideas:

Site information:

  • I will request site information by email after I receive this form

Additional Information:

  • I work electronically by email, text and by phone for new homes
  • Scanning or taking pictures your ideas and emailing them works great

Phone Call

  • A phone call is required to discuss you job


  • After I review requested information, I will email you an estimate
  • If estimate is satisfactory I will request the terms and rates form then a retainer to continue job

Terms and Rates

Terms and Rates *
Process For Estimating Jobs *
Design Build Process *


Your Information

Preferred contact method *
How did you hear about me? *

Billing Address

Job Site Property

Who owns the Job Site property? *
Is job site address same as billing *


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This form is for new homes and buildings not attached to an existing structure.

For additions that are attached to an existing home structure or remodeling an existing structure, please click here.